Hi, I’m Julie!

I know it might sound cliche, but I am keenly aware of how transformed spaces can impact quality of life - bottom line. From personal experience, I believe that organized, curated and thoughtfully arranged spaces are genuine components that impact the peace and happiness that we can find in our life.

I moved from Vancouver, Canada - where I first fell in love with design and decor - to sunny Southern California in 2005 and have had the pleasure of guiding people through the process of creating spaces they can thrive in, ever since. Having been heavily influenced by the design culture in Vancouver, it hadn’t been until recent years where my processes and passion met to take on a new dimension & Ampersand Living grew her legs.

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Ready to do life with me?

When I’m not styling spaces, I wear the sometimes-glamorous crown of mom to 2 wonderful and wild children, I value community, diligence and generosity. I spend my free time with friends and planning road trips to fabulous foodie destinations any chance I can get.

It is here, at Ampersand, where I truly do believe that #lifeisbetterdonetogether.

Ready to do life with me? Send me a note and share what project you want to complete!