My life has only ever been transformed

Through the power of partnership, by someone willingly and graciously walking alongside me. Maybe you may know that feeling? When someone sees you struggling and comes along side you, actually taking your hand and journeys with you....

Well, this is the heart of why I do what I do. And that darling little '&' sign, the ampersand, well read on to find out how it inspired the birth of this company and how it took on it's name sake.



Maybe it’s time you lack, maybe it’s options you are overwhelmed with, perhaps you simply need someone to be a sounding board to refine your final decisions and already great ideas, or maybe you recognize that your skill set is in an entirely different field! I work from a place where I believe we are each capable of being part of creating peaceful and beautiful homes - and I love to help make that happen.

I have the honor of working with my client's to support their vision, and see it as the opportunity to live out the beauty of relationship, community, and of collaborating with one another …



Not only this, but I believe that everyone deserves to have a home that adds peace, calm and beauty to their lives.

I work with cost effectiveness in mind as one of the founding principals of my business.

My experience working with Julie & Ampersand has been nothing but wonderful. I have already referred friends to her.

Julie has a gift. I worked with her remotely as I live out-of-state. Yet, despite the distance Julie was able to capture my vision .... I couldn’t believe some of the pictures she put on the design board, they were exactly what I was thinking. She also has fantastic and creative ideas.

When Julie says she is willing to work with any budget she is not kidding and there is absolutely no pressure or judgement.

Not only is it easy to work with Ampersand but it is encouraging and up-lifting. She helped turn my house into a home!
— Katherine, Client